Supercharge your Leadership

When you build better business relationships, lead from a position of generosity, and take a collaborative approach to working with others, your business and people flourish – hard on the problems, soft on the people!
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Aspirational Leaders with Vanessa North

The key ingredients to supercharge your leadership

Managing the ‘business’ side of business can be easy, managing the ‘people’ side often stumps us.”

The skills that get you here won’t help you to get to where you want to be, and they won’t help you to flourish in the role. Many managers get promoted because they are good at what they do – a good technician, or salesperson, or administrator, etc but the truth is, managing people is a whole different thing!

The path to being a successful leader

Do you want to be a successful leader where people trust you, want to work for you, & you are happy and excited about what you do?

You don’t just absorb how to be a good manager or leader; you’re not born with it – you have to learn it (and most business degrees don’t actually teach you this).

How to get from stuck to loving leadership!

Often promotions or higher paying positions require you moving into a management position. If you want to advance in your career, you’d better learn to be a great manager. Already a manager? Have you already been to leadership courses? Learned your ‘leadership style’? Had a 360° feedback assessment but still don’t know how to apply what you’ve learned to your everyday work? Not yet a manager? Want to be one? Learn the fundamental steps to being a good manager and a great leader! It starts with your attitude and the approach you take in dealing with people – all people!

If you follow the step by step approach these are the benefits!

And who wouldn't want this?

The team that leads

Want to supercharge your team? Why not work together and amplify the benefits?

An experience can be developed to suit your team, exactly what you need, exactly what you want, the way that you want it. This option includes a diagnosis and clarity session that will form the foundation of your team’s learning and growing experience. When you develop together, any team can thrive and flourish.

Zoom group coaching program coming soon

Contact me to ask about the 8-week program or individual coaching or training for your team.
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